Celebrity birthdays: ‘There was a big moment’

With the birth of their second daughter on Saturday, stars of the past and present are celebrating the birthdays of their sons and daughters, as well as those of their daughters.

The birth of singer Carrie Underwood’s daughter is the most significant birthday celebration in Britain’s history, with many of her other children joining in.

Carrie’s youngest daughter, Caroline, was born in May last year, while her eldest, Samantha, was in December last year.

Among the many other celeb birthdays, The Daily Mail reported: ‘The Duchess of Sussex was the youngest person to have been born a princess in the UK, as her second child was born at the age of five.

‘Her younger sister, Prince William, was the oldest to have a child born to a non-royal couple, having a baby girl called Amelia in February 2019.’

‘Babes Inch’ star and actress Jennifer Aniston’s daughter was born to her fiance, actor Ben Affleck.

Jennifer, who married her second husband Ben Affck in 2009, was already dating his former assistant, Josh Singer.

Aniston, who had previously dated Affleck’s ex-wife Ashley Judd, was reported to be expecting a baby boy when the two wed in 2015.

On the other hand, singer-songwriter Lily Allen was expecting her second baby boy, Jordan, in January.

And singer Sarah Jessica Parker, 29, and singer-actor Matt LeBlanc, 37, were expecting their first child, son, in March.

Meanwhile, singer Christina Aguilera, 36, and rapper Lil Wayne, 37 – both of whom have four children – are expecting twins.

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