How the Nip Slip went from a ‘disaster’ to a ‘hit’

The Irish Independent headline The Nip Slip: a hit that didn’t happen article The NIP Slip was a hit. 

It became a hit when it was reported in January 2020 that the NIP had killed three men in a car crash, and that a fourth had died from his injuries.

The Irish Independent claimed that a police investigation had revealed that three men had died in a road crash, that the other two had died of their injuries. 

“In an unprecedented incident, police in a suburban Dublin suburb of Dungannon, where the Nipp Slip occurred, are investigating a crash that killed three people and injured another.

They are investigating claims that a third person was killed by a police vehicle and that the driver of the police car had been drinking at the time of the accident,” the Irish Independent article read. 

The death toll was announced in a press conference by Dublin Sheriff Patrick Harrigan, who said that a man had died and that another had been injured in the crash. 

A spokesman for the Dublin Sheriff’s Office said that it had been contacted by the families of the victims.

“The Irish authorities will not tolerate the use of alcohol or drugs by the public and are committed to upholding the highest standards of policing and the law.

Anyone who does so will be subject to the strictest penalties,” he said. 

However, it was soon revealed that the coroner had ruled that the deaths of the three men were “not accidental”. 

“The coroner has ruled that all three of the people in the car involved in the fatal collision are deceased and that they are not alcoholics,” said the Irish Times, which added that “a post mortem examination has found no evidence of drugs or alcohol in the blood of either victim”.

“A number of people who were in the vehicle at the same time and who have been interviewed by police have indicated that the vehicle was in the area of the crash at the moment of the collision.” 

The Irish Times also reported that it was believed the death toll could rise. 

“[The] coroner’s report states that the third victim of the fatal crash was not a victim of a drug-related incident but had suffered injuries from a car collision.”

A spokesperson for the Garda Siochana confirmed that “two men were found dead in a rural road” in County Galway.

“There were three men on the scene and the first person who came to the aid of the other man who had suffered a broken hip suffered a serious head injury,” Gardaí said.

The statement continued: “It is understood that two men are still being treated at the scene.” 

“There are no reports of alcohol-related incidents. The gardaí are aware that at this stage, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of the impact of the Nips on the local economy.”

The NipSlip was not the only hit the Niphys took this year. 

In April, a man was killed when his vehicle hit a stationary bus on the outskirts of Limerick city centre. 

Three days later, a motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a car on the same road. 

This week, another motorcyclists’ body was found after it was struck by a tractor. 

Two men were arrested for the deaths.

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