How to Celebrate Star Wars Celebration with a Star Wars Gift: 5 Ways

The first thing you’ll need is a gift.

You can’t just send a check or gift card.

You need a Star Destroyer, or something special, for instance.

If you’re going to be spending time at a Star War celebration, you need to make sure you get something that will make you feel special, even if you can’t buy it.

“I’m sure you have this idea of the Millennium Falcon and you can put your money in it, but I can’t imagine spending a year with the Falcon and seeing it get destroyed in a single fight,” said Star Wars blogger Andrew A. Miller, who is also the author of the Star Wars: The Celebration Guide.

“You can spend your money on something like a lightsaber, or a lightsaber set, or some sort of personal piece.

You have to put in the effort to get the right gift.

So, I’d say, ‘Hey, I’m going to spend this money on a lightsaber or a personal piece, or I’ll send a gift card.'”

Here are some of the most common Star Wars gifts, according to Miller.


An Obi-Wan Kenobi CardSet: The most basic Star Wars gift is a $20,000 Obi-wan Kenobi Card Set.

“It’s a little piece of a character, and a little bit of history.

But the Obi-ans will always be with you.

It’s something you can hold, and they’ll be with them forever,” said Miller.

You’ll need a credit card or a gift certificate to buy one.


The “Solo” Movie Pass: This year’s Solo movie will be available for pre-order in theaters and online on March 25.

It will be a $1,500 ticket package with a special edition of the film that includes a poster, two digital downloads of the movie, a special collectible figure, and an original poster.

You’re not allowed to buy the film directly, but you can buy a “digital download” of it from

It is not yet clear if the “S Solo” Pass will be sold out before the movie goes on sale, but a “limited” edition of 50,000 tickets will be released at some point during the movie’s run.


The Darth Vader Collectible Figure: You’ll also need a Darth Vader figure to purchase at a specific retailer, such as Target or Walmart.

The figure is only $19.99, so you can get it for around $15 a piece.

It can be bought with a credit or debit card or purchased with a gift, which is what Miller does for his birthday every year.

You should also avoid purchasing the figure in its original packaging, which can add about $30 to the purchase price.

“A lot of the time, you can pick it up in the store, but if you buy the original box and all of the accessories inside, you’re probably looking at $200,” Miller said.

“The packaging is a little harder to spot, and it’s a lot less expensive, but there are some really good deals out there.”


A “Star Wars” Card: You may not have been able to find a gift with Star Wars in the title on your credit card, but it’s always a good idea to have a gift on hand.

“If you’re buying a gift for someone who’s a Star wars fan, I would definitely have a ‘Star Wars’ card.

That would be a good addition,” said Scott Thompson, a writer and a Star Trek fan.

“Star wars is a very important part of the culture, and you want to honor that with something that people can relate to.”


The Han Solo Collectible Figures: This isn’t a “must-have” Star Wars item, but this is one of the easiest Star Wars collectibles to find, said Thompson.

“Just go to Walmart and buy a Han Solo figure.

It’ll be pretty cheap, and people will love it,” he said.

Thompson says that the Han Solo collectible figures are a great way to buy a Star Empire, or Imperial, character for your own personal collection.


A Star Wars Collectible Card Set: This is an ideal way to add some Star Wars to your collection.

“There’s always something in Star Wars.

That’s a big part of it.

You’ve got these characters, and so many other characters, that you’ve got to keep track of,” Thompson said.

You might want to add a character like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, for example, or maybe a character from the animated series.

“For Star Wars, it’s fun to keep them all in the same place, and to get all of them in one place,” Thompson added.


A Darth Vader T-Shirt: The first Darth Vader shirt is a limited-edition $29.99 shirt, which comes with a Darth mask, Darth mask cape, and

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