Virgo Celebrities’ Deaths: 2021

A star from the Italian mafia, whose name means “sorrow” in Italian, died in a house fire in southern Italy on Thursday.

His death was announced by his sister, Anna, on social media, the family’s lawyer told The Associated Press.

The 56-year-old father of three had been a fixture in the city’s underworld.

He had been the city councilor of Lecce and a police chief in the northern city of Piedmont, which he governed for 16 years.

He was also a member of the Italian parliament.

The cause of his death was not immediately known.

In a tweet posted by his office, the lawyer said the cause of death was “unknown.”

A few hours earlier, a member in the ruling United Left party, the SEL, tweeted that “the fire which started in the house of Giancarlo, a close friend of our President, Mario Monti, was extinguished,” according to Italian news agency ANSA.

The fire in the Lecciosi neighborhood of L’Aquila, in Piedmcea, in northern Italy, was reportedly caused by an accident, the regional fire department said in a tweet.

According to the city of Liguria, Giancarlio “was the first victim of the fire which broke out in the neighborhood of the town” after midnight on Wednesday.

He and his wife were asleep at the time.

On Thursday, a group of about 150 people gathered to commemorate the death of a popular mobster from the Piedstag area of the city, a friend told the AP.

In February, a mob of about 200 people stormed a villa belonging to a powerful Italian politician.

They beat the man to death, then stripped his clothes and threw him in a river, killing him, the newspaper La Repubblica reported.

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