Which Celebrities are Getting a Boob Job?

Celebrities, or at least some of them, are getting a boob job.

According to an article published in the National Geographic magazine, the latest trend among American women is getting a breast enhancement.

The magazine also featured celebrity photos of celebrities getting implants.

The article revealed the results of a survey conducted by celebrity-survey website Numerama.

Celebrities were asked to fill out a survey asking for their favorite celebrities, and they were also asked for their feelings about their favorite celebrity.

The most popular response was a breast augmentation.

There was no surprise in this response, as breast augments are widely available for men.

The survey also found that a majority of the celebrities were fans of the new breast implants.

According the NumerAMA survey, 70 percent of the celebrity fans are women, and of those, 75 percent are women over the age of 50.

Celebres who were women were asked which celebrities were most likely to get breast implants in their lifetime.

A majority of these celebrities were women, but they were more than likely to be women of color, and women over 50.

Many of the stars of the survey were wearing revealing lingerie and/or makeup, but a majority were not.

They were also more likely to say that they wanted the implants done in the “ideal way,” rather than “in the way they would wear.”

Numeramans founder, Kim Kerkhoff, explained that the survey is a way to better understand the attitudes of celebrities who are getting implants and to understand how celebrities feel about implants.

Celebriees were also shown pictures of celebrities having implants, and asked if they wanted one, and if they would have a “real” breast in the future.

Of the celebrities, 59 percent said they would rather have implants than a real breast.

Celebries who were asked if their favorite actresses would have implants said that they would not.

The results also revealed that many of the celebs were willing to have implants.

Some celebrities said that their favorite star had already had breast augment surgery, and that they thought it was a good decision.

Kim Kekhoff told the National Public Radio show that this is not an issue only for women who want implants.

“We think it’s great that a lot of celebrities are getting them, and we hope that people are not too disappointed because we are here to help them find a better breast, a better way to look,” she said.

Celebrees are also not only getting implants, but also other cosmetic enhancements.

According a poll conducted by the online retailer, Skinnygirl, 55 percent of celebs surveyed would like to have a cosmetic surgery to make their bodies more appealing to men.

In addition to the implants, celebrities also are also getting liposuction, laser hair removal, facelifts, lip injections, and more.

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