Which celebrities are on the list of celebrities to apologize for?

The list of Hollywood celebrities to publicly apologize for sexually harassing women, or other people, has been updated.

The list includes actresses Rosie O’Donnell, Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Upton, and Lindsay Lohan.

Here are some of the stars on the new list.

(1:00) Who is on the updated list?

Rosie “The Rosie” O’Neill Rosie the Rosie, The Biggest Loser contestant, the actress who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

(3:15) Reese Wetherspoon Reese Wulfspoon The actor who played a police detective in the television series House of Cards.

(7:20) Kate Upton Kate Upton The former swimsuit model who appeared in the 2012 movie Gone Girl.

(12:50) Lindsay Lohmann Lindsay LOHMANN The actress who played the character in the 2014 hit film The Girl Next Door.

(15:30) Kate Hudson Kate Hudson The former actress who portrayed “the queen of hearts” on “The Big Bang Theory.”

(18:00:20, 19:10:40) Demi McDonald Demi The former child star who portrayed the character of Roseanne in the TV series Roseanne.

(20:50:40, 23:20:10) Reese Wetpaint Reese Wetpan The actress best known for her roles in films like The Matrix and The Man Who Knew Too Much.

(24:00, 25:50, 30:00-:03) Lena Dunham Lena Dunham The former comedian who has appeared in films such as The Girl on the Train, The Hangover, and The Princess Diaries.

(30:30-:50; 36:30:20; 37:00; 39:20-:38:30, 41:30; 45:20).

(48:00 -:05:30.)

Kate Hudson’s daughter, Grace, who plays the character Hannah in the Netflix series Hannah Montana. (52:00-)

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