Why the world is turning towards the beauty industry as a way to escape the ills of modern life

India has seen a massive rise in fake beauty products, as well as the rise of online beauty services like Instagram.

According to an official report by the Indian Institute of Technology, around 1.9 million beauty products were sold in the country in 2017.

The report says that online platforms like Instagram are being used by women and teens to sell fake beauty items and cosmetics.

The report notes that Instagram has been using its platform to post and promote “celebratory clipart” and “celebation clipart videos”, which are uploaded by women to Instagram in an attempt to get attention for themselves.

The clipart is uploaded by the women with the aim of getting their selfie up and being shared by their followers.

The Indian Institute for Technology (IIT) report states that the clipsart was not created with the purpose of selling products or services, but was instead a way for women to create their own beauty looks.

The clipart can also be used to promote beauty products.

The IIT report also states that there are more than 40,000 people working in the Indian beauty industry, which means that at least a third of the women who work in this industry are paid less than Rs.1,000 a month.

This means that it is very difficult for them to support themselves, especially in a country where there are many people struggling to support their families.

The women who are working in this sector have to look for jobs outside the industry, and the money they make is very minimal, the report says.

The government of India recently announced a scheme to incentivise online beauty sellers to post the clipsArtificial teeth are a common sight in India, with women buying them for beauty products like face masks, body creams and lotions.

The fake teeth can be made of metal or plastic, with a metal tooth being the most popular option.

The metal tooth is often sold as a tooth brush, or used to extract the saliva from the teeth.

A lot of people who have tried the toothbrush option have not been happy with the results.

A lot of women find that it makes their teeth more brittle, and they find that they have to use a toothbrush again for every toothbrush they use, the IIT said.

The price of a tooth brushing brush is also significantly higher than the $50 that you would pay for a regular toothbrush.

In some cases, you can get a tooth-brush for as little as Rs.50.

The cost of a dental appliance is also much higher, as you would need to purchase an appliance from the local appliance store.

The cheapest option is to purchase a toothbrushing machine.

It is used to scrape and polish the teeth of women who do not have natural teeth.

It costs around Rs.20.

However, there are cheaper options available online.

Some of these include mouth mists, toothbrush brushes, and toothbrushes.

The products on offer on the internet have different price tags.

The cheapest option on the market is a $50 toothbrush, while the cheapest toothbrush on the other hand can cost up to $100.

A few of the cheaper brands also sell mouth cleansers and toothpaste, while some of the expensive ones offer more expensive toothpaste.

The problem with this is that women are not always willing to spend money on products that they cannot afford.

If you have an expensive toothbrush and you want to go shopping for some cheaper toothpaste or toothpaste that is cheaper, then you are stuck with the price of the tooth brush you have.

If the cheaper toothbrush is used and the cheaper one is not available, you end up paying a lot more.

This is why online beauty platforms like Instagram are popular for the younger generation in India.

The Indian beauty online platform has a wide array of products, and it is often difficult to find something that you want.

For instance, it is difficult to decide between buying a beauty mask or a face mask.

It would be difficult to choose between a moisturizer and a face cream.

A beauty brush is just a regular old brush, which is just too hard to find.

In the online beauty marketplace, you have to spend a lot of time to find products.

This is why there are so many products that have been created that can be used by both men and women, it said.

There is also a difference in the way men and female customers interact with the online platform.

In India, most women will interact with their friends or family on the platform, whereas men will interact mostly with their family members.

According to a survey by the National Sample Survey Organization, it was found that in the US, men tend to buy online and women buy offline.

However in India too, the gender gap is not as pronounced.

In 2016, only 15% of women bought online compared to 49% of men

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