Why Trump’s love affair with the Kardashians is a “ticking time bomb”

I love the Kardashian brand, which has produced some of my favorite television shows and films of all time.

But it seems a little ironic that the brand’s love of the president and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, is now a ticking time bomb.

The president has tweeted, for instance, about his love of Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner.

His former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, tweeted that he was “proud” of Khloe.

The Kardashians, though, have yet to speak out on Trump.

In fact, the family has been so reluctant to condemn him that they have gone so far as to hire a former White House aide to take over as their “political director” in hopes that he will speak out.

Trump, of course, has been a fan of the Kardashias.

He tweeted about them in 2016, when he said he was rooting for them and their children, and he even tweeted in 2017 that they had a “fantastic baby.”

And on Monday, he retweeted a tweet from Kim that said she had had her first child with Trump.

But the relationship with Trump, and the backlash he has faced for his association with them, have become such a toxic dynamic for the Kardashian family that they’ve decided to pull the plug on their marriage.

“The Kardashians have become the laughingstock of America,” Kim told The New York Times.

“They’re not funny anymore.

And they can’t be funny anymore.”

And this is not the first time Trump has used the Kardashia brand to try to turn his feud with the family into something more positive.

When he took a shot at the family over the past year over his use of the word “nigger,” he said that he would “not be surprised if the Kardashios decide to have a baby.”

The backlash to his tweet, however, was swift.

On Tuesday, the president lashed out at the Kardashian’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeting that he had “never seen anything like it.”

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